Soccer conditioning program


Not for the faint of heart. The game of soccer is incredibly demanding. Get Faster: Change of Direction and Agility. So, to improve your game on the pitch, you must develop your overall athleticism, including strength, speed, power and endurance.

And the best time to do this is during the off-season. Below is a six-month workout program that you can do during the off-season. It is appropriate for both high school and collegiate soccer players. You must be able to sprint, explode to the ball and change direction—and maintain these skills for a long duration.

The first month is meant to help get you into shape and begin developing fundamental speed and agility techniques. This is a three-day per week program, with the first day focusing on strength, the second on speed and agility, and the third on endurance. Do each exercise with a med ball. Perform each for 30 seconds and repeat the circuit three times.

Football Conditioning Session - Improve Your Fitness With The Ball

The program during months two and three expands to five days per week. Three days are devoted to strength and metabolic conditioning, and the other two days focus on speed, agility and plyometrics. Do each exercise with your body weight. Perform each for 30 seconds and sprint for 30 seconds between exercises. Repeat the circuit three times. This phase also is also based on a five-day plan. However, the exercises are more complex and the workouts are more difficult to accomplish to promote increased fitness levels.

Get Faster: Change of Direction and Agility So, to improve your game on the pitch, you must develop your overall athleticism, including strength, speed, power and endurance. John Cissik - John has worked with athletes at all levels, produced four videos, written 10 books and published more than 70 articles on strength and speed training. He currently teaches special education and coaches baseball, basketball, and special needs sports. Become a Contributing Expert. More About Soccer. Meet the Juggernaut of the Premier League.

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Conditioning for Women's Soccer

Save my selection. Turner, Anthony N. Conflicts of Interest and Source of Funding: The authors report no conflicts of interest and no source of funding. Anthony N. Perry F. Soccer is the world's most popular sport with the Federation of the International Football Association FIFA estimating that more than million people are actively involved in the sport worldwide.

In addition to the necessary technical and tactical skills required, soccer players must develop and retain a high level of athleticism to be successful. Previous research has identified that aerobic endurance 4,15,17,44,62ability to repeatedly execute high-intensity actions 58speed 58,64agility 32,58and strength and power 89 are all determinants of superior performance. However, it is worth noting that physiological and physical characteristics vary between different positions.

The level of metabolic conditioning of a soccer player is crucial in defining and ultimately limiting their contribution to the game It has been shown repeatedly that maximal aerobic capacity is positively related to soccer performance parameters such as distance covered, time on the ball, and number of sprints during a match 15,17,44, Specifically, Helgerud et al. Aerobic capacity also corresponds to a higher league position 89the level of competition 5,72and more starting players compared with nonstarting players 37, Accordingly, the aerobic capacity of soccer players must be developed, and Tables 1 and 2 identify position-specific values for aerobic capacity in elite male soccer players 5, Soccer is characterized as an intermittent sport with repeated bouts of high-intensity activity.

Therefore, for training to suit the physical demands of the game, emphasis should focus upon the ability to repeatedly execute high-intensity activities with short rest periods. High-intensity interval training HIIT has been reported to induce greater improvements in both aerobic and anaerobic capacity compared with continuous training involving the same mechanical work and duration In addition to this, HIIT training modalities require approximately half the time of traditional continuous methods and are more likely to enhance player motivation and adherence and increase the time for technical and tactical practices.

Fundamentally, they are not likely to be detrimental to strength and power because of Type 2 muscle fiber recruitmentthe significance of which will be described later. Helgerud et al. In high performance sports, it is generally accepted that the benefits of exercise are maximized when the training stimuli are similar to competitive demands.

Small-sided games SSG are soccer -specific training protocols designed to develop technical, tactical, and physical capabilities It is a step by step online program that is suitable for all ages and abilities but delivered with professional quality to help players improve massively.

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Find out more about the benefits. Take the next step. Be the best player you can be by making sure your 1v1 defending and off the ball movements are as good Two world class players who are game changers Watch the video A multi outcome practice that works both sides of body and feet. Key element is the first touch control to move the ball into specific areas.

Try it now Check out this multiple outcome soccer practice to set yourself apart from your team mates. Improve your footwork and fitness with this great soccer drill. See it and then do it Check out this on awesome aerial control challenge Must see this soccer There are several techniques shown within this functional practice that you can take into a game Working side to side focusing on ball mastery, move into a 1v1 skill, explode and then shoot.

Excellent for strikers. Develop your quick feet and turns with explosive movements and shot at the end. Weave in and out of the cones moving those feet fast. Practice your explosive movements with turns inside a Turn Square followed by a 1v1 skill and laces shot. This technical soccer drill looks at 4 ball mastery skills covering all surfaces.

soccer conditioning program

With these soccer techniques, all surfaces of the feet are used. See more. All rights reserved. Remember Me. That leaves many hours for those who want to improve their game to practice on their own. Our expertise is individual soccer training drills covering all areas of football and taking your game to the next level. Individual soccer training provides a great platform to: Practice soccer skills and techniques that would otherwise be difficult to try in a game environment.

Do you really want to improve your game? Practice Type. Ball Mastery. Turning practices. Dribbling practices. Ball striking. Passing practice. Shooting and crossing practice.

Running with ball and Aerial Control. First touch practice. Age Group.Year-round sports lead to muscle imbalance, ligament fatigue, postural asymmetries, overuse injuries, and exaggeration of improper movement patterns aka worsening of bad habits. By taking a break from the same repetitive movements and activities, soft tissues i. Relative rest refers to a change in your training routine to rest areas of the body from repetitive stress that an athlete encounters throughout their season.

However, during this period of relative rest, it is important to stay active and fit. Cross-training is a form of relative rest, if it is different enough from the primary sport that the athlete participates in. Cross-training allows the body to move in different ways, which unloads overused tissues, develops new strength and resilience, and ultimately creates a more well-rounded, durable athlete.

Practicing basic movement patterns or exercises with good form helps to eliminate bad habits and normalize muscle balance.

Movement retraining is a strategy to visualize, execute, and repeat simple, functional movement patterns in order to establish optimal patterns of movement. Practicing these correct movements over and over trains the body to move this way more naturally. The plan is to then transition the basic movements into sport-specific movements, so the athlete will use better techniques in real-life sports situations.

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Proper technique results in greater efficiency, lower risk of injury, and enhanced performance. For example, when we integrate movement retraining with elite athletes, we may practice squats, lunges, landing from a jump, pivoting to change directions, etc.

Even professional athletes need to work on movement retraining and stability within these basic movement patterns. Injury rates are at an all-time high in youth soccer. Yet some of the most heartbreaking and life-changing injuries occur in non-contact situations.

The cool part about injury prevention exercises is that it only takes minutes, just days per week! Choosing an effective injury prevention program should take some consideration. Good injury prevention programs will integrate strength, balance, jump-landing mechanics, agility, and flexibility exercises.

Still, however, the injury statistics are unacceptably high; and serious athletes should still be independently proactive if they really want to avoid a preventable, devastating, season-ending injury.

Off-Season Strength and Conditioning Soccer Workout Plan

Our favorite injury prevention program is the ACL Strong program, which guides athletes step by step through a system that protects their knees and reduces the risk of injury in sports that have a high rate of ACL tears and other lower extremity injuries. Participants of the program learn how to move properly through movement retraining education and exercises…they gain strength, balance, and flexibility through very specific injury-prevention exercises….

The ACL Strong program is available online, so anyone can complete it without having the pressure of a strict time commitment or the financial burden of an in-house program.

Participants get the convenience of at-home access, flexibility to work it in on their own schedule, and immediate access to experts for guidance and support. Maintaining cardiovascular fitness during the off-season can be extremely helpful for a more dynamic and head-turning return to soccer, when the time comes. Cardiovascular exercise typically elevates your heart rate for a prolonged period of time and trains your body for endurance sports that involve a lot of running.

Athletes may consider jogging outside or on a treadmill, riding a bicycle or stationary bike, or using an elliptical trainer, rowing machine, or other cardio equipment. For example, if the athlete is scheduled for 3 cardio sessions per week, we often recommend having two shorter sessions and one longer session spread out throughout the week, to avoid overuse injuries.

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To sum up the main points of this discussion, we recommend serious athletes consider the following strategy during their off-season:. Get ready to turn heads, because this strategy will help your soccer player enter their next season like a stick of dynamite, stronger than ever, more protected against injuries, and on-track for their best season yet.

Contact us at www. Limited spots available, so get on the list now! You can also email drleslie eliteconceptspt.While in general, the best training for soccer is soccer, specific conditioning activities can help enhance a players' physical skills.

The more time a youth player spends in conditioning work, the more she will have the requisite strength to fend off challenge on the soccer pitch. Movement in soccer requires speed, agility, acceleration, deceleration and multidirectional running. Shuttle runs as a conditioning tool require the use of five cones set 10 yards apart. Direct the players to run from cone one to two and then back to one as quickly as possible. This is repeated from one to three, one to four and one to five.

For a variation, players can run backwards or sideways. Soccer requires a strong core and strong legs. To condition these areas, place a ball or cone on the ground and have the player stand next to the ball.

Instruct players to keep their feet and knees together while jumping over the ball to land on the opposite side.

soccer conditioning program

Quickly jump back to start position. Players should repeat for 30 to 60 seconds.

soccer conditioning program

Direct players to bend their knees into a squatting position, bring their arms behind their bodies, and immediately jump up and forward. As soon as they land, they should minimize contact with the ground and jump again. This can be completed across the width of the field. Traditional pushups help to develop core and upper body strength. Athletes should kneel on ground with their hands underneath their shoulders. If they have the strength, instruct players to straighten their legs and press toes into the ground, otherwise they should remain on their knees.

On an inhale, players bend their elbows, lowering their chest towards the ground. Using an exhale, players straighten their arms returning to start position. This can be repeated based on the yout players' comfort level. Circuit or interval training uses a combination of movement and strength exercises. Athletes alternate a speed drill with a strength drill at various increments of time, for example, two minutes of shuttle runs followed by two minutes of pushups.

This can be repeated or followed by another grouping, such as pendulum swings and ball jumps. A mother of two and passionate fitness presenter, Lisa M. Wolfe had her first fitness article published in She is the author of six fitness books and holds an Associate of Arts in exercise science from Oakland Community College. When not writing, Wolfe is hula-hooping, kayaking, walking or cycling. By: Lisa M. Published: 05 December, More Articles. Home Sports Soccer. About the Author.A comprehensive pre-season and in-season anaerobic and aerobic conditioning program for women soccer players.

To really develop and maintain your fitness level as a female soccer player requires a combination of anaerobic and aerobic training. That's why combining anaerobic activities like jumping, sprinting and short agility drills with aerobic activities like continuous running with few recovery breaks is essential in a soccer conditioning program.

Soccer Strength: 9 Exercises That Will Help Add Power to Your Game

The pre-season is when soccer players develop their fitness level. Optimally, a player will spend six weeks devoting two days per week to anaerobic fitness and another two to aerobic fitness.

The following training schedule comprising Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is a sample of how you should be preparing to be at your best next season.

Think about it: you need the power to jump for a header or sprint 10 yards to a ball and recover quickly— and to last the full 90 minutes of a regulation game. To perform plyometrics with proper form, keep your heels on the ground at the start of the jump and in line with your feet when landing.

Always keep your hips back and do not land on your toes. Gassers yard shuttle; run 5 times with second rest. Since you will be practicing with your team two to four times a week, your conditioning schedule should scale down to only twice a week, one for anaerobic training and the other for aerobic training.

Skyword - Become a Contributing Expert. More About Soccer. Meet the Juggernaut of the Premier League. More Cool Stuff You'll Like.Unfortunately, sometimes that is not possible nor preferable. For example, being a free-agent and wanting to get in shape, coming back from the injury although soccer practices are a must element of a good RTP — return to play — programlater off-season where one wants to have a mental break from the ball and so forth.

MAS is minimal velocity that reaches VO2max for more info see article by Dan Baker and represent quite interesting and easy to obtain training parameter that allows easier individualization of training intensity.

In this running program I will show you how to measure and use MAS.

soccer conditioning program

Using this program will make sure that your athletes are coming ready-to-train from the off-season or RTPwhile providing individually tailored workouts that are not too boring to be performed. We have also developed a simple Excel template that you can use to calculate everything in this running-based program.

This makes it ready-to-use program for your athletes. Just punch the numbers in and you are ready to rumble. There are multiple ways of measuring MAS, but for the sake of simplicity and this program we are going to use m time trial.

All you need is m track field or any other known distance. In the case of athletic m track, you will run 4xm m as fast as possible. Make sure not to start too fast or else you will gas out. Start with a basic warm up, couple of strides, get some rest and hit the m time trial.

Like I mentioned before, I have created easy to use Excel template that will automatically do the calculations for you. Take a look at the screenshot below. This is the running time you want them to improve over the next 6 weeks. When their MAS improves so it will their ability to carry and recover from high intensity running and sprints. Following this workout will give your athletes great base to build upon during more specific work in the pre-season.

In the next 6 weeks we are going to implement 3 blocks. Each block is going to last for two weeks and each of them will involve 4 running workouts — two hard ones and two easy runs.

In the first block we are going to perform runs over and under your MAS. Runs over MAS will prepare you for the more intensive runs to follow, along with giving you ample time to work on quality technique, while longer runs will be your endurance bread and butter. Repetition durations for this workout are around sec with rest period of sec.

The goal of this workout is accumulating volume of faster quality runs without draining your body. By using strides you will be able to work on your running form and prepare your body for the hard runs to follow. You can organize strides as well any other workout based on MAS by using time or distance. If you plan using time for running, you should stick to sec and if you plan using distance m will be fine.

The way you calculate your running times is pretty simple. Using MAS of 4. I will provide the workouts based on time, but you can quickly adjust by using distance instead I like using length of the soccer pitch for strides and width for walk in between. Since we have 2 weeks of 2 workouts we have 4 workouts total. Here is the progression:. Recovery between sets will be a little longer, around 2 minutes during which you can perform basic stretching for hip flexors, adductors, calves and hip rotators.

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Repeat 2 more times Extensive Run To improve your endurance you need both intensive and extensive running. Extensive run is going to be your bread and butter we are going to keep doing through all phases.

You are also going to be able to modify this run to suit your preferences, but more on this later. We are going to perform extensive run in interval fashion as well, although the intensity of the run will be a lot lower. In the example of 4. Join Us Today.